All Bark And No Bite


A person who is full of talk, but behind that talking there is little or no action.

Example: Jacob repeatedly says that he will find a job, but it’s been over a year now and he still does not have one. It looks like he is all bark and no bite.

Synonyms / Similar Phrases:

1. Actions speak louder than words
2. All talk and no action
3. All hat and no cattle
4. Put your money where your mouth is

A cute puppy that's all bark and no bite.
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The Origin of ‘All Bark And No Bite’

The origin of this phrase likely comes from a dog’s behavior, how they oftentimes will bark, but not follow it up with any action (like biting, for example). Thus, as the saying goes, the dog is all bark and no bite.

Dogs bark for multiple reasons, one of which is when they see someone they do not recognize. They might bark at the person, giving an appearance that they will do something more aggressive, but they usually don’t. Indeed, no further action is taken by the dog; it’s just making a lot of noise. This concept is thus applied to people who act in a similar way—they talk about doing something (making a lot of noise like a dog would), but they end up doing nothing.

Anyway, there appears to be a slightly older saying (or at least, it appears in print at an earlier date than this one) that goes ‘his bark is worse than his bite.’ The earliest I could find this particular expression in print is from The Colonial Times newspaper, November 1829:

“Still, ‘his bark is waur than his bite.’ “

As for the phrase all bark and no bite, it can be found at a later date. For example, it appears in print in The Banner newspaper, October 1853:

“You see he was all bark and no bite. Well, it is the same with men and women, and boys and girls, as it is with dogs.”

Example Sentences

Here are examples of this idiom being used in sentences:

  • Drew is all bark and no bite because he keeps talking about how he’s gonna get in shape at the gym, but I never see him there.
  • Mia said she would clean the dishes days ago, but they are still sitting in the sink. She is all bark with no bite.

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