Phrases Starting With “O”

Below you will see a list of common phrases and sayings that begin with the letter O. If you want additional details on an expression, simply tap it. Now get exploring!

“O” – Phrases

Off Base
Being wrong or mistaken about something.

On Cloud Nine
Having strong feelings of happiness or satisfaction. Similar to other English phrases such as ‘happy as a clam’ or ‘as happy as a pig in mud.’

On The Ropes
Being in a rough situation that looks difficult to recover from.

On The Same Page
Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others.

One Fell Swoop
Something done in a single action, or it can mean to do something quickly.

Open a Can Of Worms
Doing something that makes a situation worse and/or more problematic.

Out Of Left Field
Something that’s surprising or unexpected.

Note: The phrases below also begin with the letter “O,” however they do not have their own dedicated page.

Off One’s Rocker
Someone who is crazy; insane.
(EX: You must be off your rocker if you think I want to watch this movie a second time.)

This is another way of saying ‘okay.’ It’s often used to show you acknowledge what a person has said.
(EX: Mike was asked to take out the garbage. He responded: “Okey-dokey.”)

On The Ball
Showing competence through something you said or did; being on top of it.
(EX: Claire cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room right before her guests arrived; she’s on the ball today.)

On The Button
Exactly right; correct. Similar to other phrases in English such as ‘hitting the nail on the head.’
(EX: My friend was right on the button with his recommendation; this dandruff shampoo has worked wonderfully for me.)

Once In a Blue Moon
An event, situation, or something else that happens rarely.
(EX: Whenever I go out to my backyard, once in a blue moon I’ll see a squirrel running around.)

One Fell Swoop
Suddenly; an action done with haste.
(EX: There was a single doughnut left in the box, and in one fell swoop my sister grabbed it before I could.)

Over The Moon
Feeling happy. Similar phrases include ‘on cloud nine’ or ‘as happy as a clam.’
(EX: After receiving a large raise at my job, I was over the moon.)

Over The Top
Too much; exaggerated.
(EX: The acting in this movie is so over the top that it’s hindering my enjoyment of it.)

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