A List Of Phrases Starting With “O”

Below you will see a list of common phrases and sayings that begin with the letter “O.” If you want additional details on an expression, simply tap it. Now get exploring!

O” – Phrases

Off Base
Being wrong or mistaken about something.

On Cloud Nine
Having strong feelings of happiness or satisfaction. Similar to other English phrases such as “happy as a clam” or “as happy as a pig in mud.”

On The Ropes
Being in a rough situation that looks difficult to recover from.

On The Same Page
Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others.

Open a Can Of Worms
Doing something that makes a situation worse and/or more problematic.

Out Of Left Field
Something that’s surprising or unexpected.

Note: The phrases below also begin with the letter “O,” but they do not have their own dedicated page. Still, you can learn what they mean.

Off One’s Rocker
Someone who is crazy; insane.
(EX: You must be off your rocker if you think I want to watch this movie a second time.)

This is another way of saying “okay.” It’s often used to show you acknowledge what a person has said.
(EX: Mike was asked to take out the garbage. He responded: “Okey-dokey.”)

On The Ball
Showing competence through something you said or did; being on top of it.
(EX: Claire cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room right before her guests arrived; she’s on the ball today.)

On The Button
Exactly right; correct. Similar to other phrases in English such as “hitting the nail on the head.”
(EX: My friend was right on the button with his recommendation; this dandruff shampoo has worked wonderfully for me.)

Once In a Blue Moon
An event, situation, or something else that happens rarely.
(EX: Whenever I go out to my backyard, once in a blue moon I’ll see a squirrel running around.)

One Fell Swoop
Suddenly; an action done with haste.
(EX: There was a single doughnut left in the box, and in one fell swoop my sister grabbed it before I could.)

Over The Moon
Feeling happy. Similar phrases include “on cloud nine” or “as happy as a clam.”
(EX: After receiving a large raise at my job, I was over the moon.)

Over The Top
Too much; exaggerated.
(EX: The acting in this movie is so over the top that it’s hindering my enjoyment of it.)

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