Expressions Starting With “Q”

There are not many phrases and popular sayings that start with the letter “Q,” but here is a list with quite a few. Some of these expressions can be tapped or clicked for further details.

Expressions That Start With “Q”

Quality Over Quantity
This phrase indicates that it’s better to have fewer things that are higher quality than many things of lower quality.

Quality Time
Spending time with someone where one is fully present and engaged in the moment with the goal of strengthening the relationship.

Queen Bee
An expression that refers to a dominant or influential woman in a particular group. It’s often used to describe a woman who is admired by others.

Quench Your Thirst
To satisfy your thirst by drinking something refreshing. The phrase can be used both literally and figuratively to mean satisfying a need or desire.

Quick and Dirty
Things that are fixed with great speed, but as a result, it’s probably not going to work very well.

Quick Fix
A phrase referring to a temporary solution that provides immediate improvement or relief to a problem, even though it may not address the root cause.

Quick On The Draw
Performing an action with great haste or speed.

Quiet as a Mouse
To be very quiet. The phrase describes someone or something that is silent, making nearly no noise.

Quit Cold Turkey
Stopping a bad habit suddenly.

Quit While You’re Ahead
To stop doing something while you are still successful, rather than keep doing it and risk running into a problem that could lead to failure.

Quite a Few
This expression means a large number, but not an overwhelming amount. It’s having a bunch of something, while at the same time not being excessive.

Quite a Handful
A person or situation that is difficult to control. The phrase implies that the person or circumstances are challenging to handle and require a lot of attention and effort to manage effectively.