Sayings That Start With the Letter “F”

Have a look at our alphabetical list containing many popular sayings that start with F. To find more details on a particular phrase, simply give it a click.

Sayings Starting With “F”

Fight Fire With Fire
To retaliate in a similar manner that was used against you.

Finger Lickin’ Good
When food tastes really good, people use this saying to communicate that.

Fish Out Of Water
When someone is in a situation that they are unfamiliar or unsuited for, they are like a “fish out of water.”

Fit As a Fiddle
Being as “fit as a fiddle” means to be in good health.

Flea Market
A place where inexpensive goods are sold or traded.

Fool Me Once, Shame On You
Recognizing that you fell for the same ruse twice, and realizing that you should have known better the second time around.

Foaming At The Mouth
To be enraged; very angry.

Fool’s Gold
The phrase “fool’s gold” refers to iron pyrite, a worthless mineral that resembles gold.

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Face The Music
Someone who is told to “face the music” is being told to deal with the ramifications of what they’ve done, even if it might be hard for them.

Fair And Square
If you won a game “fair and square,” that means you won it in a legitimate manner, without any cheating.

Fall Guy
Someone who takes all the blame for a crime.

Fall On Deaf Ears
If your words “fall on deaf ears,” it means that what you are saying is having no affect on the person hearing.

Far Cry
1. A long ways away; a great distance. 2. Not as expected.

Fed Up
If someone is “fed up” with something, it means they have had enough of it; they are angry.

Feeling Blue
To feel sad. It’s similar to the phrase “feeling under the weather.”

Fly On The Wall
If someone wants to be “a fly on the wall” in a room or other place, it means they want to observe what is happening there without being seen.

Frog In Your Throat
A person who has a “frog in their throat” is having trouble talking because their throat is sore or because of some other issue.