A List of Expressions Starting With ‘C’

We have hundreds of common expressions on here. The ones below start with the letter C. Click (or tap) on a phrase to find further details on it!

C‘ – Phrases

Calm Before The Storm
A peaceful period of time that comes before a more difficult and/or more busy period.

Check, Please!
1. A request for a bill.  2. Being in an uncomfortable situation that one wants to leave.

A title or thumbnail that is clickbait is one that is sensational, exaggerated, or misleading for the purpose of attracting clicks.

Close But No Cigar
Coming close to a successful outcome only to fall short at the end.

Cold Turkey
Quitting a bad habit suddenly.

Crocodile Tears
To express sorrow in an insincere way.

Cry Over Spilled Milk
It’s useless to worry about things that have already happened and cannot be changed.

Cry Wolf
Someone who is lying.

Cup Of Joe
A ‘cup of joe’ is an American nickname for a cup of coffee.

Curiosity Killed The Cat
Typically said to indicate that any further investigation into a situation may lead to harm.

Cut The Mustard
To cut the mustard is to meet a required standard; to meet expectations.

Cut To The Chase
Getting directly to the point, leaving out all of the unnecessary details.

Note: More ‘C‘ phrases are below. While they do not have their own page, you can still learn their meaning.

Cat Got Your Tongue
Having nothing to say; speechless.

Caught Red Handed
Caught in the act of doing something that you weren’t supposed to be doing.

Change of Heart
If you’ve had a “change of heart” about something, your thoughts on it have become different.

Chip Off The Old Block
A person who resembles their parents.

Clean Slate
Getting a fresh start, without the problems that came before.

Clean Sweep
If one team “clean sweeps” another team, it means they won soundly against them.

Cold Feet
Nervous or hesitant about doing something.

Cold Shoulder
If someone gives you the “cold shoulder,” they are intentionally ignoring you.

Come Clean
To tell the truth, admitting something.

Cool As a Cucumber
Not agitated; calm.

Couch Potato
Someone who is lazy.

Cross That Bridge When We Get There
Dealing with a problem once it arises.

Curve Ball
When something unexpected happens.

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