Sayings Starting With the Letter ‘K’

Here you will find the meaning of sayings starting with the letter K. Click, or tap one of the idioms from the list below for further details!

Sayings Starting With ‘K’

Keep On Truckin’
To keep going, pressing forward; never stopping.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
To be watchful; paying careful attention to something.

Keep Your Shirt On
This phrase means to stay calm. It’s usually directed to people who are feeling upset or angry.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone
Completing two tasks with a single action; in one fell swoop.

Knock It Out Of The Park
To do something exceptionally well.

Knock Your Socks Off
To be taken by surprise or to be impressed.

Know The Ropes
Having a familiarity or understanding of how something works.

Knuckle Down
Getting serious about something.

Note: More phrases beginning with the letter K are below. They do not have their own separate page, but you can still learn what they mean.

Keep a Low Profile
Avoid doing things that might bring attention to you.

Keep It Together
Try to remain calm and in control of your emotions.

Keep One Eye Open
Be cautious and alert to potential dangers.

Keep Me In The Loop
A person who requests to be “kept in the loop” is asking to be periodically updated on a situation so they can know what is going on.

Keep The Ball Rolling
Keeping things moving along, not stopping.

Keep Your Distance
Stay a certain distance away from something, usually because of the potential danger it poses.

Kick a Habit
Stopping a bad habit.

Kidding Around
Joking; not serious.

Knee Jerk Reaction
A hasty reaction to something, one that’s usually given without much consideration or thought.

Knock It Off
If someone says “knock it off,” it basically means “stop it” or “quit doing that.”

Knock The Wind Out of One’s Sails
To be disappointed.

Knock Yourself Out
The phrase “knock yourself out” means giving someone the go head to do something.