Sayings Starting With ‘R’

Below you’ll find a list of some funny sayings starting with the letter R. Click or tap one of them below for additional details!

R‘ – Phrases

Rain On Your Parade
To spoil someone’s fun or plans; ruining a pleasurable moment.

Raining Cats and Dogs
When it is raining heavily.

Read ‘Em and Weep
Often said by the winner in poker, as the others ‘weep’ over the loss.

Ride Him, Cowboy!
A cheer people yell, usually at rodeos when cowboys are clinging to the backs of untamed horses.

Right Off The Bat
Immediately, done in a hurry; without delay.

Right Out Of The Gate
Right from the beginning, or to do something immediately.

Ring Any Bells?
Recalling a memory; causing a person to remember something or someone.

Roll With The Punches
To tolerate or endure through unexpected and difficult things that you may encounter from time to time.

Note: There are more ‘R‘ phrases below. They don’t have their own page, but their definition is still listed underneath.

Recharge One’s Batteries
To get one’s energy back, typically through rest or by eating/drinking something. 
(EXAMPLE: I need to recharge my batteries before we go to the store.)

Rhyme Or Reason
When a person is doing something and it doesn’t seem to make any sense as to why they are doing it.
(EX: There’s no rhyme or reason as to why he mows the lawn in such an inefficient manner, but at least he gets the job done.)

Riding Shotgun
Someone who sits in the front passenger seat of a vehicle.
(EX: If we’re going to the mall, I’m riding shotgun.)

Road Rage
A motorist who gets angry at other motorists because of the way they are driving.
(EX: I experienced a case of road rage today after someone got out of their car and yelled at me for going too slow.)

Rome Was Not Built In a Day
Certain things cannot not be rushed because they take time to do, so just be patient.
(EXAMPLE: Look, Rome was not built in a day, give me one more hour and dinner will be ready.)

Rub Salt In The Wound
Feeling hurt or embarrassed, and then something happens that makes matters worse.
(EX: I tripped and scraped my knee, and then to rub salt in the wound, my phone fell and broke too.)

Rule of Thumb
A practical principle that can be used for guidance in many situations, but don’t rely on it for all situations.
(EX: A general rule of thumb when you’re exercising for long periods is to stay hydrated.)

Run of The Mill
Something that’s ordinary; unremarkable.
(EX: This tastes like a run of the mill chicken soup; there’s nothing special about it.)

Run Out of Steam
Feeling tired; running low on energy.
(EX: I need to go home and rest because I’m running out of steam.)

Running On Fumes
Somebody who is feeling very tired; functioning on low energy.
(EX: I’m running on fumes here, there’s no way I can stay up another 2 hours to watch a movie.)