Phrases Starting With “U” and “V”

The meaning of English phrases starting with the letters U and V. For further details, simply click (or tap) one of them.

List of Phrases: U and V

Ugly Duckling
One who may seem plain at first in appearance or capability, but later turns out to be beautiful or great.

Under The Weather
Not feeling well in terms of health or mood.

Under Your Nose
Missing something that should be really obvious.

Up In Arms
Angry; a person being roused to the point where they are ready to fight.

Note: More common phrases starting with U and V are below.

Up In The Air
Something that’s uncertain. (e.g., It’s up in the air whether it will rain tonight.)

Up To Date
Informed; up to speed. (I’m up to date on the news about California’s wildfires.)

Under Wraps
A secret. (Keep this gift under wraps until tomorrow.)

Under One’s Belt
The experience a person’s gained from a particular job or activity. (I have four years of sailing under my belt.)

Up To Snuff
Meeting a person’s standards. (This indoor heater is up to snuff and keeps my room nice and warm.)

Vanished Into Thin Air
Something that unexpectedly disappears. (Has anyone seen the remote? It’s like it vanished into thin air.)

Vice Versa
A statement that can be true when read the other way around. (My dog enjoys playing fetch with me and vice versa.)