Phrases Beginning With ‘G’

There are several phrases and sayings in the list, and these ones start with the letter G. Tap on an expression below to find further details on it.

G‘ – Phrases

Give a Man a Fish
In the long run, it’s better to teach a person how to do something than to do that something for them.

Give The Benefit Of The Doubt
Believing someone despite any doubts you may have.

(Go) Down The Rabbit Hole
1. A particular topic, activity, or something else that interests a person, thus they want to see more of it so they can learn more about it. (For more definitions, see this phrase’s page).

Go For Broke
To risk it all, even if it means losing everything in the process; to go all out.

Go Out On a Limb
1. Putting yourself in a risky situation in order to help someone. 2. To take an uninformed guess at something.

Goody Two-Shoes
This phrase refers to someone who does nice things for others.

Greased Lightning
An expression that’s used to describe something that is very fast.

Note: More ‘G‘ phrases are below. They do not have their own individual page, however you can still learn their meaning.

Gathering Dust
If something is “gathering dust,” that means it has not been used in a long time.

Get a Grip
A phrase that means to calm down; to get control over yourself and your emotions; to get a hold of yourself.

Get Bent Out Of Shape
When a person “gets bent out of shape,” they are agitated or upset over something.

Get Off Your High Horse
Someone who speaks in a patronizing or condescending way might be told to “get off their high horse.”

Get Over It
Someone who tells you to “get over it” is telling you to put a problem behind you and move on from it.

Get The Ball Rolling
To start an activity.

Got a Kick Out Of It
To find something amusing or entertaining.

Got Off On The Wrong Foot
Having a bad first encounter with someone, resulting in them forming a bad initial impression.

Grind To a Halt
This phrase means to come to a stop.

Guinea Pig
The phrase “guinea pig” refers to someone who tests an idea or a product to see what happens.

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