Sayings Beginning With The Letter “M”

Below you’ll find the meanings of popular sayings and phrases starting with the letter “M.” Some can be tapped for further details.

Sayings Starting With “M”

Making a Scene
Behaving in such a way that it disturbs the public; drawing undue attention to oneself.

Making a Mountain Out Of a Molehill
Taking a small issue and escalating it into a big problem.

Man Of Few Words
A person who does not speak a lot; someone who gets to the point without saying much.

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
An idiom that implies money is a limited resource that has be earned through hard work and thus it shouldn’t be spent carelessly.

Something that is “mouth-watering” is something that looks or tastes delicious. Generally used in relation to food.

My Cup Of Tea
Something that a person likes or finds agreeable to their tastes, e.g. this brown shirt is ‘my cup of tea.’

Note: More sayings for the letter “M” are listed below.

Make Light Of
Inserting humor into a serious situation in an attempt to soften the importance of it. Treating a serious situation in a trivial way.

Make Up Your Mind
After thinking about a decision, you finally come to a conclusion.

Misery Loves Company
When someone is feeling miserable, having company over (like some friends) can help them feel better.

Million Dollar Question
A significant question.

Missed The Boat
Missed an opportunity to do something.

More Or Less
Not exactly correct, but close enough; somewhat.

Money Talks
Money can have a powerful influence on people.

Monkey See Monkey Do
Copying what another person is doing.

Monkeying Around
Playing and not being serious; messing around.

Money’s Worth
Getting the value out of something you paid for.

Music To My Ears
When someone says “that’s music to my ears,” they heard something that pleases them.

My Hands Are Tied
A busy person; someone with a lot of work to do.