Sayings Starting With ‘J’

The meanings of sayings starting with the letter J. Select one from the list below to find additional details!

Sayings Starting With – J

Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Having suitable skill in multiple things, but not being an expert in any of them.

Jaws of Death
Being in a dangerous or very deadly situation.

Jig Is Up
For a ruse or trick to be discovered; to be caught.

Jump The Gun
Starting or doing something too soon.

Jump The Shark
The point in which a TV show is thought to be past its peak in terms of quality, generally due to something absurd being introduced.

Note: The ‘J‘ phrases listed below do not have their own dedicated page. You can still find out what they mean, though.

Jam On The Brakes
Pressing down on the brakes of a vehicle so that it comes to a quick stop.

Filled to the brim; full.

Jet Lag
Feeling tired after having traveled to another country via a long flight.

Joined At The Hip
Two people who are together a lot.

Joshing Me
Someone who’s joking around; not serious.

Jog (Someone’s) Memory
Hearing or seeing a thing that causes a person to remember something suddenly.

Just Desserts
Someone who receives a fitting punishment or reward for what they did.

Just In The Nick of Time
Arriving somewhere or doing something just before it’s too late.

Jump On the Band Wagon
Caring about something only after it becomes successful.

Jumped Out of My Skin
Being terrified of something; scared.

Jump to Conclusions
Making a judgement call based on little or no information.

Just What The Doctor Ordered
Exactly what a person wanted or needed.