Finger Lickin’ Good


When something is “finger lickin’ good,” that means it tastes great. The majority of the time, this phrase references yummy food.

Example: Terry was sitting at the dinner table with his family, and he could smell the food that had been prepared. The food was served, and after everyone finished eating, Terry described the food as being finger lickin’ good.

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The Origin Of “Finger Lickin’ Good”

This phrase originates from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), a fast food restaurant that was founded in the year 1930. Most fast food places have a slogan, usually it’s something that’s catchy because that makes it easier to remember. KFC had one, it was this phrase. Starting in the year 1956, they began to use the slogan “finger lickin’ good.”

But what does that mean? Well, a lot of KFC’s food can be eaten with just your hands, like the chicken legs/breasts or their potato wedges for example. The idea, then, is after finishing a delicious meal, all that yummy salt and flavoring is still on your fingers, so instead of washing them off with water, you lick them clean (…and then wash), hence the phrase.

Throughout the years, KFC has had a few different slogans. “Nobody does chicken like KFC” was one of them. Another one being “so good,” which is actually their current slogan, I think. Regardless, none of the other slogans have been quite as memorable as the “finger lickin’ good” one; that phrase is now commonly used by people when describing good tasting food in general. Sometimes, it’s even used to describe non-food related things as well.

In 2011, despite the popularity of the slogan “finger lickin’ good,” and the fact that they’ve been using it for a little over 50 years, KFC decided to drop it in favor of another. While they may have dropped it, it still remains as a phrase that’s regularly heard.

Example Sentences

Here’s an example of this phrase used in a sentence.

  1. You’re a very good cook. The lunch you made me for work was finger lickin’ good, as always.

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