Hit The Nail On The Head


The phrase hit the nail on the head means to do or say something that is exactly right.

Example: Amelia bought new furniture for her house and she wanted to see if her friend would notice, so she asked, “Do you notice anything different about the living room?” After thinking about it for a second, her friend pointed out that the furniture was new. So Amelia told her, “Yep, you hit the nail on the head. It arrived earlier today!”

1. Bull’s eye
2. Nailed it
3. Right on the button
4. Right on the money
5. Spot on

The Phrase: Hit The Nail On The Head
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Origin Of “Hit The Nail On The Head”

The origin of this phrase is unclear. The idiom “hit the nail on the head” might come from carpentry since hammers and nails are commonly used in this field, but it is hard to say for sure. What is known about this phrase is that it goes back to the mid-16th century. According to The Phrase Finder, this expression was used in a book called The Cosmographical Glasses by William Cunningham in the year 1559:

“You hit the naile on the head (as the saying is).”

Based on this quote, we might deduce two things: One, this phrase is at least 460 years old. And two, the expression must be older than that because it looks like it was already a known saying at the time.

What Are The Parts of a Nail?

Today, nails are widely used in carpentry, construction, and people’s homes. They come in different sizes and types that are best suited for a variety of purposes. For example, roofing nails are used to attach shingles to a roof.

A nail has three parts: The top of the nail is called the head, the long middle part is called the shank, and the bottom sharp part is called the point. If you are going to use a nail, where should you hit it? Obviously, hitting the nail on its head is the correct way to do it. Thus, this phrase is used as a metaphor— when a person says or does something exactly right, it’s as if they are hitting a nail on the head.

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Example Sentences

  • This color of paint you chose for the house looks great, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Similar Examples:

  • We played trivia and Henry nailed it every time it was his turn.
  • Do you know what my favorite color is? If you guessed blue, you got it right on the button.
  • Claire suggested I buy a smaller phone because I was getting hand pain from holding my current one. Well, I did, and after trying it for a week, I think her suggestion was spot on.