Keep On Truckin’


If a person keeps on truckin’, they press forward despite the difficulties or obstacles that come their way; to be persistent.

Example: Patrick recently lost his job and is now running low on cash. Despite the circumstances, he plans to keep on truckin’ as he looks for work, and he hopes his situation improves soon.

Synonyms / Similar Phrases:

1. Keep the ball rolling
2. Press on
3. Tough it out

A big red truck that keeps on driving.
Harsh weather oftentimes won’t stop a truck from making its deliveries. They’ll just keep on… well, you know.

The Origin Of “Keep On Truckin'”

If you’ve driven before, you have probably seen those big 18-wheelers driving around on the road. Their large size makes them hard to miss. Oftentimes, these giant trucks are carrying cargo from one destination to another. These deliveries are made even in harsh weather conditions like rain or snow. The point? These trucks are constantly pressing towards their destinations; they are persistent. In other words, they keep going, they keep at it. Thus it seems keep on truckin’ became a metaphor that originated from a truck’s persistence, and now this metaphor is applied to people who act similarly.

So how old is this phrase? It was used in a 1936 song called “Truckin’ My Blues Away” by Blind Boy Fuller. According to Wikipedia, the phrase originated from this song. As for its oldest appearance in print, the earliest I’ve found it is from an Australian newspaper called The Herald, published in 1938:

“Keep on Truckin’ while you may.”

Example Sentences

Here is an example sentence:

  • I didn’t get much sleep last night and I have work in an hour. Definitely not an ideal start to the day, but I’ll keep on truckin’ despite my lack of energy.

Similar Example:

  • My cat is older and has a handful of health problems to deal with. He’s on two different medications, so hopefully he can keep the ball rolling for years to come.

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