Making a Scene


If a person makes a scene, they behave in such a way that it disturbs the public. In other words, they draw undue attention to themselves by being dramatic.

Example: While I was waiting in line to grab a burger, I saw the the woman up front of me get angry. She was yelling at the staff working there, making a scene all because they got her order wrong. It was a simple mistake!

1. Cause a disturbance
2. Create a scene
3. Make waves

‘Making a Scene’ – Its Origin

The phrase make a scene might have its origin in theater. The reason is because in a theater, comedic, dramatic, and other sorts of scenes are performed on a stage. These performances draw the attention of the audience. Thus, if someone is being dramatic and drawing unnecessary attention to themselves, it might be said that they are “making a scene” because it’s as if they are an actor on stage in a theatrical performance.

Now, how old is this phrase? Well, the earliest I have seen this expression with its modern wording is in a book from 1825. A part from this book reads: 

“When the company reached the dining-room, each placed himself at table where he chose, and the master and mistress of the house easily found means, without making a scene, to induce the four most distinguished women in company to sit by them.”

Example Sentences

  • I know you’re angry, but there’s no need to make a scene in front of all these people! It’s so embarrassing.

Similar Example:

  • When I was at the grocery store, I heard someone down the aisle making waves because they were out of their favorite cereal.

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