Metaphor Examples and Sentences

You will find many metaphor examples and sentences on this page, which will hopefully make learning about them easier. However, before we get to that, let’s first talk about what metaphors are. Ready to get started?

What Are Metaphors?

metaphor compares two things by talking about one thing and saying it is like another. Even though the two things are different, they share a similarity of some kind. Here is an example of a metaphor:

Example: The dog’s bed is a marshmallow, it looks so comfortable.

In this example, the dog’s bed is referred to as a marshmallow; this is the metaphor. Now let’s figure out how these two things are similar. The answer is that they are both soft.

Now, what is a simile and how does it differ from a metaphor? They are basically the same thing, the only real difference is that similes make a comparison between two different things by using the words “like” or “as.” Take a look:

Example: The dog’s bed is like a marshmallow, it looks so comfortable.

Notice in this metaphor example that the word “like” has been added to it. When the words “like” or “as” comes before the metaphor, it is called a simile instead. Okay, let’s go over some more examples of metaphors to get a clearer understanding of what they are.

Metaphor example - let sleeping dogs lie.
This dog is obviously not sleeping on a marshmallow, it’s just a figure of speech!

Metaphor Examples and Sentences

Are you up for a little test? No pressure, we are going to look at a few examples of metaphors in sentences. Take a minute and try to see if you can spot the metaphor for yourself, then try to figure out how the two things are comparable. In other words, in what ways are they alike?

  1. Mike is a worker bee today.
  2. Rachel was a brick wall and wouldn’t listen to a word her friend said.
  3. Mowing the lawn was a walk in the park.
  4. I brought my friend to the gym for the first time, and as expected, he’s like a fish out of water.
  5. I just got hired for a new job, so I’m as happy as a pig in mud.

In the sentences above, there is a metaphor in each one. Let’s examine the first three sentences to see what we can learn.

Example #1. “Mike is a worker bee today.”

In this sentence, Mike is referred to as a worker bee. That’s the metaphor. Now that we’ve identified it, let’s try to figure out how these two things are similar. The answer is that both Mike and the worker bee have a lot to do; they are busy.

Example #2. “Rachel was a brick wall and wouldn’t listen to a word her friend said.”

In this metaphor example, Rachel is referred to as a brick wall. What do they have in common? A brick wall does not listen to what people say. Similarly, Rachel was not listening to what her friend was saying.

Example #3. “Cleaning up my room was a walk in the park.”

In this sentence, the metaphor involves cleaning a room and walking in the park. How are the two comparable? They are both easy to do.

As you can see from these three metaphor examples, there is a comparison being made between two things, and they both share a similarity. However, what they have in common is not always obvious.

10 Examples of Metaphors

Okay, I think it’s time for some more metaphor examples, a list with ten will do. Yes, below you will be shown ten sentences that contain metaphors or similes, can you recognize them?

  1. Do you know where I put my glasses? I’m as blind as a bat without them.
  2. With the air conditioner in its current state, this office has become the Sahara Desert.
  3. Today was a roller coaster, but things have finally calmed down.
  4. I have been on thin ice lately because I’ve been neglecting to do my chores.
  5. Hearing the rain fall outside is like music to my ears.
  6. Making chocolate chip cookies is a piece of a cake.
  7. I don’t want to be a broken record, but make sure you turn off the lights when you leave for work.
  8. By taking on two different jobs, I think I bit off more than I can chew.
  9. I’m all ears, so go ahead and tell me about your day.
  10. This shampoo I bought smells like a bouquet of flowers.

1. As blind as a bat
2. Sahara Desert
3. A roller coaster
4. On thin ice
5. Music to my ears
6. A piece of cake
7. A broken record
8. Bit off more than I can chew
9. I’m all ears
10. Like a bouquet of flowers

Were you able to find all of the metaphors in the sentence examples? If not, that’s okay! Hopefully this page has helped you to learn what metaphors are, at least to some extent. After all, that was the goal! Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to make like a tree a split.