Right Out Of The Gate


If something happens right out of the gate, it happens right away; immediately from the start.

Example: I feel like going for a walk. I know it’s freezing outside, but as long as I dress appropriately I should be okay. So I threw on some warm clothes and walked out the door. As I stepped outside, right out of the gate I felt the bitter cold on my hands and face. (In other words, he felt the cold right away.)
Synonyms / Related Phrases:
1. Right off the bat
2. Right away
Horses races - right out of the gate.
Thoroughbred race horses at the starting gate.

Origin Of ‘Right Out Of The Gate’

What is the origin of this phrase? The expression ‘right out of the gate’ is believed to be from horse racing. Why is that? Because of a device called a ‘starting gate.’ The point of this gate is to ensure a fair start for everyone at the beginning of a race.

For a race to be fair, all racers need to start at identical times. To help make that happen, starting gates have doors on them that open simultaneously. If you take a look at the picture above, that is what a starting gate looks like. As you can see, the horses are placed in small spaces and doors are in front of them to prevent them from starting until its time. When the race begins, all of the doors immediately fly open and off they go! Beginning a race in this way prevents anyone from gaining an unfair advantage by starting earlier than the rest; it ensures a fair start.

Clay Puett is credited as the person who invented the enclosed electric starting gate. Its first appearance is in the year 1939, and from there it went on to be used in many different race tracks.

Example Sentences

  • Eric woke up after a long night’s sleep and right out of the gate he had stomach pain.

Similar Examples:

  • Right off the bat, one of the players scored a slam dunk when the game started.
  • As I entered my home, right away my dog ran over to see me.

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