Right Out Of The Gate


Immediately, instantly.

Example: Rachel received a gift from her mother—it was a new toy doll! She couldn’t wait to get home to play with it. As they set foot into their house, right out of the gate Rachel ran off to her room with her newfound toy. “Hopefully that will keep her busy for a few hours,” her mother laughed.

Synonyms / Related Phrases:
1. Right off the bat
2. Lickety-split
3. Right away
Race Horses Out of the Gate
Race horses standing at starting gate.

Origin Of ‘Right Out Of The Gate’

This phrase is believed to come from horse racing, where starting gates were, and still are, used to ensure a fair start.

A starting gate has several doors that can all be opened simultaneously. This device is used in horse racing to help make certain that the racers start at identical times. Basically, how it works is that each racer is placed in an enclosed space behind one of the doors of the starting gate. Once the race begins, all doors immediately fly open, and out come the racers. Beginning a race like this prevents anyone from gaining an unfair advantage by starting earlier than the rest; it ensures a fair start.

Clay Puett is credited as the inventor of the enclosed electric starting gate, which made its first appearance in the year 1939 and from there it later went on to be used in many different race tracks.

Example Sentence(s)

  1. Eric woke up after a long night’s sleep and right out of the gate he had terrible stomach pain.

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