Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


The term teamwork makes the dream work is a common phrase that means it is easier to complete a goal when you team up with someone and work together to reach it. Put another way, cooperating with another person towards a mutually desired goal is more effective than just doing it by yourself.

Example: We finally finished renovating our home. There was a lot of labor involved, but teamwork makes the dream work; I couldn’t have done it without her help.

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

The Origin of “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

There are numerous situations in life where “teamwork makes the dream work” is applicable. What are some of them? Well, imagine you have plans to get rid of an old sofa. You need to move it outside, but it’s big and bulky, so carrying it yourself is out of the question. How, then, do you accomplish your “dream” of throwing the sofa away? As this phrase clearly points out, teamwork can make that dream work! That is, receiving a helping hand from someone can suddenly turn that dream, or goal, into a reality.

Depending on where you are, teamwork could be happening around you at this very moment. For instance, think about the employees of a restaurant working together to prepare food for hungry customers. Or in sports, teams coordinating their efforts to score points and win games. Yes, teamwork occurs in many areas, and really, it’s nothing new. It’s been around for a long time, but could the same be said for this expression?

Not really. You see, this phrase looks like it originated as recent as 2002. There is a similar, yet older expression that goes there is no I in team, which also highlights the power of collaboration. However, speaking of this phrase in particular, it first appears in print in a book titled Teamwork Makes the Dream Work by John Maxwell, published in the year 2002. That is the earliest I have seen it, so John Maxwell is likely the person who coined the expression.

Example Sentences For “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

Note that the word “teamwork” is one word; when some people write out this phrase, they mistakenly spell it as two separate words.

  • My mother helped me bake several batches of cookies for a get together. Teamwork makes the dream work, so I’m glad she was there to lend a hand.

Similar Example:

  • I recognize that there’s no I in team, so instead of hogging the ball, I always try to pass to the open player whenever I can.

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