Touch Grass – The Saying’s Meaning & Examples


Touch grass is another way of saying go outside. It is used as an insult, but it can be said jokingly as well. The expression “touch grass” implies that a person has spent too much time inside. Therefore, they are told to go outdoors since that may do them some good.

Example: Having arguments with people on the internet about phone cases cannot be healthy. You should try touching some grass instead and maybe find another hobby that is more relaxing.

Synonyms: get some fresh air, get some sun

touch grass

Origin of Touch Grass

People have literally been touching some grass for thousands of years. However, the same could not be said for this expression. In fact, the idiom touch grass originated in 2016, making it less than a decade old. At least, that is the earliest I’ve seen it. Prior to that year, this phrase was used mostly in reference to animals held in captivity. That is, these animals would later be freed and would be touching grass outside for the first time.

Several websites have helped this grassy idiom grow to where it’s at today. Twitter is one of them; various people using this social media platform have tweets containing the expression. Additionally, streamers on Twitch and Youtube use the saying. For instance, a streamer might tell a person from their chat to go touch grass. Sometimes they mean it seriously, while other times it is said in a more light-hearted manner. Either way, this all contributes to its popularity.

How should touch (some) grass be understood?

If someone tells you “touching grass every now and then couldn’t hurt,” how would you understand that? Taken literally, it’s simple to get. All you would have to do is open your door, walk outside, and find the nearest patch of grass. Then taking your hand, you lower it to the ground and touch the green grass. Mind you, if you’re allergic then you would want to avoid doing this. Anyway, more to the point, what does this phrase mean figuratively?

Simply put, the phrase “touch grass” means to go outside. You know, it’s that place where the birds are flying in the sky and the plants are growing in the dirt. We’ve all been there! At any rate, it’s like telling someone to get some fresh air. What are the implications? That a person has spent too much time indoors, and as a result, their health has suffered in some way. Therefore, they are told to go touch some grass, or in other words, to go outside where they will hopefully find something more beneficial to do.

Example Sentences of Touch Grass

Here are some examples of this saying used in sentences. Synonyms will be mixed in, so be sure to pay attention.

  1. I was told to touch grass after playing video games for hours on end.
  2. Taking a deep breath and touching grass whenever I can helps me to calm down.
  3. He makes an effort to get some fresh air after being in his house for long periods of time.
  4. With weather like this, touching some grass should be near the top of my to-do list.
  5. I’ve found that getting some sun helps cheer me up, if only a little bit.

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