Happy and Sad Sayings – Emotional Phrases

We have a sizeable collection of happy and sad sayings that have been organized into a list. So if you’re looking for popular sayings that express a range of emotions, then turn that frown upside down because you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore a list of some of the most common phrases that are used to put our emotions into words. These sayings and phrases pertain to the emotions of happiness, sadness, and anger.

Happy sayings with a smiley face in the center.

15 Happy Sayings That Are Common

Note: Have you ever felt a need to tell someone how happy you are? If so, these sayings about happiness will help you to do just that. So without any more delay, here are 15 happy sayings are commonly used in English:

1. Color me happy
“As an aspiring chef, you can color me happy because I was given high quality pots and pans as a gift.”

2. Crack a smile
“My friend is so funny that I can’t help but crack a smile whenever he’s around.”

3. Dream come true
“Being hired for the job he applied for was a dream come true for him.”

4. Grinning from ear to ear
“Hearing the nostalgic music playing over the speakers had John grinning from ear to ear.”

5. Happy as a clam
“After being sick for a long time, he was as happy as a clam to have his health back.”

6. Happy as a pig in mud
“Each time we order takeout, I’m as happy as a pig in mud.”

7. Happy camper
“She was a happy camper after finally achieving her weight loss goal.”

8. Jump for joy
“When I heard the news that we were traveling to Japan, I jumped for joy with excitement.”

9. Made my day
“Someone made my day when they paid for my food out of the kindness of their heart.”

10. On cloud nine
“Seeing all the time and effort I put into this project finally pay off has me on cloud nine.”

11. On top of the world
“The view from this mountain trail has me feeling on top of the world and totally exhilarated.”

12. Over the moon
“Every bite I take of this restaurant’s food is sending my taste buds over the moon with delight.”

13. Tickled to death
“He was tickled to death to receive such an unexpected and wonderful gift.”

14. Walking on air
“After receiving a promotion that she felt was long overdue, she was walking on air the rest of the day.”

15. Walking on sunshine
“The news of the pregnancy had me walking on sunshine as I was overjoyed with emotion.”

16 Sad Sayings and Phrases

Sad sayings with a depressed looking face.

Note: These sad sayings give us a means to express our emotions in imaginative ways. For example, we might “feel down” when a character we like meets an unfortunate end in a story, or “have the blues” because of spilling coffee on freshly cleaned floors. Whatever the reason, try to cheer up as you read through this list of 16 sad phrases and sayings that are regularly used by people:

1. Broke my heart
“When I learned that we were moving, it broke my heart having to leave my friends behind.”

2. Cry one’s eyes out
“She was crying her eyes out after being scolded for making a mess.”

3. Cut up about something
“I was cut up about losing my job yesterday, but hopefully I can land on my feet.”

4. Down in the dumps
“This song makes me feel down in the dumps whenever I listen to it, so I should probably stop.”

5. Feeling blue
“The movie’s bittersweet ending left me feeling blue.”

6. Feeling down
“Our family has been feeling down ever since our dog passed away, but we’ll move on eventually.”

7. Heartbroken
“He was heartbroken over the loss of his pet goldfish.”

8. Heavy heart
“It’s with a heavy heart that I announce the cancelation of our event due to poor weather conditions.”

9. Long face
“I was curious why a coworker was walking around with such a long face these past few days.”

10. Not a happy camper
“The new stove I bought is not functioning properly and I’m not a happy camper because of it.”

11. Pour one’s eyes out
“She poured her eyes out when the hero, having just saved the princess from harm, gave his final breath.”

12. Sad state
“It’s a sad state in the office once we realized our jobs were up on the chopping block.”

13. Shed a tear
“I have to admit, his inspiring speech on how to properly season food caused me to shed a tear.”

14. Tear-jerker
“Hearing about her struggles in life was a real tear-jerker, but I’m glad she was comfortable enough to share it with me.”

15. Tug at one’s heartstrings
“My friend prefers stories with happy endings, and not ones that tug at his heartstrings.”

16. Under the weather
“I’m feeling tired and under the weather today, so I’m not going in to work.”

13 Angry Phrases In English

Angry phrases, with a mad looking face

Note: So far we have considered many happy and sad sayings, but what about other emotional expressions? That’s right, there are more than two emotions and these phrases about anger prove it. On that note, try to keep your composure as you go through these anger inducing phrases:

1. A chip on your shoulder
“The argument with his friend over the pronunciation of ‘potato’ left a chip on his shoulder for a long time.”

2. Blood is boiling
“Nothing gets my blood boiling like seeing people pour milk into their bowl before adding cereal to it.”

3. Burns me up
“When a person does not play a board game by the rules, it burns me up on the inside.”

4. Drive me nuts
“My cat is sweet and all, but sometimes she drives me nuts.

5. Foam at the mouth
“When I caught sight of strangers mistreating my friend, I was foaming at the mouth with overwhelming rage.”

6. Have a bone to pick
“Someone hasn’t been doing the dishes lately, and now I have a bone to pick with them.”

7. Have an axe to grind
“After weeks of being overworked, he became bitter and had an axe to grind with his boss.”

9. Lose one’s temper
“The balloon escaping from the weak grasp of my hand resulted in me losing my temper.”

10. Temper tantrum
“I don’t normally throw a temper tantrum, so when the worker dropped my strawberry ice cream scoop with extra sprinkles onto the ground, I tried my best to remain calm.”

11. Throwing a fit
“My coach told me I couldn’t throw a ball, so I threw a fit instead.”

12. Seeing red
“When Brian came home and saw what his wife had done, he was seeing red, because she painted the walls a nice burgundy color.”

13. Steam coming out of one’s ears
“Once the children understood that there was no more syrup left for their freshly baked pancakes, there was steam coming out of their ears.”

14. Up in arms
“The citizens were up in arms about the city’s poor response to the rising crime rate.”

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