Happy and Sad Sayings – Emotional Phrases

This page has a collection of common happy sayings, sad sayings, and other emotion related phrases. People might use these terms to describe how they feel. The full list is below, so check it out!

Happy Sayings, Big Smiley Face

Happy Sayings

Note: First, we will start with a list of ‘happy sayings.’ The definition of these phrases is not given because they all have similar meanings—they express happiness.

1. Color Me Happy

2. Crack a Smile

3. Dream Come True

4. Grinning From Ear to Ear

5. Happy As a Clam

6. Happy As a Pig In Mud

7. Happy Camper

8. Jump For Joy

9. Made My Day

10. On Cloud Nine

11. On Top of The World

12. Over The Moon

13. Tickled to Death

14. Walking On Air

15. Walking On Sunshine

Sad Sayings

Sad Sayings, Giant Sad Face

Note: Now here are some ‘sad sayings,’ and similar to that of the ‘happy sayings’ above, their definition is not given because they all have a similar meaning—they express sadness.

1. Broke My Heart

2. Cry One’s Eyes Out

3. Cut Up About Something

4. Down In The Dumps

5. Feeling Blue

6. Feeling Down

7. Heartbroken

8. Heavy Heart

9. Long Face

10. Not a Happy Camper

11. Pour One’s Eyes Out

12. Sad State

13. Shed a Tear

14. Tear-Jerker

15. Tug At One’s Heartstrings

16. Under The Weather

Angry Phrases

Angry Phrases, Big Mad Face

Note: Whoa, calm down! You want more emotional phrases? Okay, look, the list of ‘angry idioms’ below all have to do with the feeling of… anger.

1. A Chip On One’s Shoulder

2. Burns Me Up

3. Drive Me Nuts

4. Foam At The Mouth

5. Have a Bone To Pick

6. Have an Axe To Grind

7. His/Her Blood Is Boiling

8. Lose One’s Temper

9. Throwing a Fit

10. Temper Tantrum

11. Seeing Red

12. Steam Coming Out of One’s Ears

13. Up In Arms

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