A List of Sayings About Money

If you’re looking for a list of sayings about money, then you’ve come to the right place. These phrases are in common use today, so if you don’t know what they mean, now is your chance to learn.

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Sayings About Money

1. A Dime a Dozen
Something that is cheap in price and/or is easily acquired.

2. A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted
A person’s money will not last long if they spend it wastefully.

3. A Million Dollar Idea
A great suggestion that has the potential to be profitable. Or simply, a great idea.

4. Easy Money
a. An activity, task, or thing that’s easy to do. b. A simple job that also pays decently.

5. Get Your Money’s Worth
Obtaining enough use out of a product or service to where its value is equal to what was spent on it.

6. In For a Penny In For a Pound
When someone starts something and then things become more complicated, but instead of stopping, the person decides to see it through to the end.

7. It Takes Money To Make Money
Sometimes, a person has to invest some cash first before any kind of profit can be made.

8. Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
Money is a limited resource and it’s not something that is easily acquired, thus it shouldn’t be spent carelessly.

9. Money Talks
Money can have a strong influence on people.

10. Money To Burn
A person who has cash ready to spend. Basically, they have extra funds lying around and so they’re looking to buy something with it.

11. Nickel and Diming
When a company of a product or service add extra fees onto things for the purpose of squeezing as much cash as possible out of people.

12. Not Made of Money
Someone who has little spending money. Similar to other money sayings like “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

13. Penny Pincher
The saying “penny pincher” refers to someone who is stingy with their cash. They tend to keep it for themselves and are wary with how they spend it.

14. Pretty Penny
Something that is expensive. Other sayings similar to this one include: costs an arm and a leg.

15. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Supporting what we say with actions, and not just words alone. Similar to other phrases: actions speak louder than words.

16. Time Is Money
Time is a valuable resource.

17. (My) Two Cents
If someone gives you their “two cents,” it means they gave their opinion on something. In other words, they told you their thoughts on a matter.

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