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Baseball Sayings

1. Knock It Out Of The Park
To do something exceptionally well. (I took my driving test today and I knocked it out of the park.)

2. Off Base
Being wrong or mistaken about something.

3. Out Of Left Field
Something that’s surprising or unexpected. (That red truck came out of left field and almost caused an accident.)

4. Right Off The Bat
Immediately, done in a hurry; right away.

5. Swinging For The Fences
Giving something your all; trying hard at something. (David is swinging for the fences in this soccer game.)

Boxing Idioms

6. Down And Out
a. A boxer who has been knocked out.  b. Incapable of performing normal functions due to some reason.

7. Down For The Count
Someone or something that looks to be defeated, or nearly so.

8. Hit Below The Belt
A boxing term. Also often used to refer to inappropriate words or comments that are too personal.

9. On The Ropes
Being in a rough situation that looks difficult to recover from.

10. Roll With The Punches
To tolerate or endure through unexpected and difficult things that you may encounter from time to time.

11. The Old One-Two
a. A fast combination of punches.  b. A strong combination of two people or things.

12. Throw In The Towel
Giving up; to surrender.

Horse Racing Phrases

13. Down To The Wire
A tense situation where the outcome is decided only in the last few seconds.

14. Hands Down
Anything that’s easy or has no difficulty; something that is a certainty.

15. Neck And Neck
Something that is evenly matched, such as a competition or a comparison.

16. Photo Finish
A photograph taken at the finish line. Also refers to competitions that are very close towards the end.

17. Right Out Of The Gate
Right from the beginning, or to do something immediately.

Miscellaneous Sports

18. Jumping The Gun
Something that occurs too early before preparations are ready. Starting too soon.

19. Par For The Course
What one would expect to happen; something normal or common.

20. There’s No I In Team
Not working alone, but rather, together with others in order to achieve a certain goal.

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